ZEMI Village
and Camping

What to Expect

Fully immerse yourself in nature at ZEMI Festival by camping mere footsteps from the beach and festival entrance. What better way to relax, connect, and meet new people from around the world than camping next to the ZEMI Village. Pitch a tent in the sand, wind down in the chill zone after a night of dancing, and enjoy a late night movie under the stars.

After Hours Entertainment

If you want to enjoy the after hours entertainment, join activities onsite and have non-stop fun, the ZEMI Village is for you.
Entertainment includes:
  • Chill zone
  • Game Area
  • Late night cinema


You can either bring your own toiletries, or add a toiletry pack to your camping ticket. It includes soap, toothpaste, a toothbrush, toilet paper and shampoo. Otherwise, you can purchase them at our convenience store
Amenities include:
  • Public restrooms
  • Public showers
  • Convenience store
  • Breakfast stand
  • Emergency services
  • Phone charging points

Camping Details

Solo Camping
If you’re someone who likes to camp alone and make friends at the site, this option is for you! Enjoy your own space at ZEMI Festival and roam around ZEMI Village, meeting new people and making lifetime memories with friends!
  • Camping space assigned upon arrival
  • Camping sites are 2.5m (8ft) x 2.5m (8ft)
  • Short walk to the beach and festival entrance
Group Camping (4-6 people)
If you’ve got a crew coming to ZEMI and you all like to camp, then this option is for you all! Come camp with your tribe and meet other friends who came to dance the weekend away as well. We promise you will leave ZEMI Festival with more friends and memories than you came with!
  • Camping space assigned upon arrival
  • No more than 6 people camping within the assigned space
  • Camping sites are 3.5m (13ft) x 3.5m (13ft)
  • Short walk to the beach and festival entrance
  • If you’d like to camp with other friend groups, arrive together to camp together
Camping Rules
  • Campers must have a festival pass in order to enter the premises
  • Campers must be 18+
  • Campsite opens Friday, January 26 at 10AM ET and closes on Monday, January 29th at 12PM ET
  • You will be assigned a camping spot upon arrival. All of your items must stay within the assigned space.
  • Do not camp or block roads or walkways. This includes tent stakes and guylines.
  • No vehicles on the camping grounds, please get dropped off or park in the parking lot nearby
  • No “Space Saving” or marking off an area for friends arriving later.
  • Bring only what you need. Remove packaging at home. Decrease waste.
  • Be a good camping neighbor. Be courteous to other campers nearby and be mindful of loud noise late at night and the early morning.
  • Venue/promoter are not responsible for any materials misplaced, lost or stolen. It is recommended that you do not bring valuable items. If you do, you can lock them in your car. Do not leave valuable items in your tent.
What is Allowed
  • Good Vibes
  • Camping Gear
  • Food and Water
  • A reasonable amount of alcohol for personal consumption
  • Coolers (ice will be available for sale)
  • Enclosed propane stoves
  • Cameras (*do remember to ask for consent before taking photos of people you don’t know)
  • Paddle Boards, Floaties, and Inflatable Rafts
What is not Allowed
  • Generators of any kind
  • Sound systems
  • Weapons (Including machetes for opening coconuts)
  • Glass bottles or glass containers
  • Motorized vehicles for personal use
  • Illegal drugs of any kind
  • Fireworks, fire tools or fire lanterns
  • Fires outside of designated fire pits
Security and Medical
  • There will be will be available 24-hr security and emergency response.
  • All attendees, bags, and items are subject to search upon entry by security and law enforcement.
  • Security personnel reserve the right to prohibit items that seem harmful or dangerous.

Take Care of Mother Nature

We want to respect the beautiful island of Saint Lucia, so it’s important to clean up after ourselves. Plan to take everything you bring to the festival back with you, and please be mindful of what you bring.
  • Bring your own trash bags and sort your camp's waste into compost, recycle and landfill.
  • Sorted waste can be dropped off at collection stations FREE of charge.
  • Unsorted waste will incur a fee based on bag size.
  • Bulky items, like camp gear, can be accepted. Fees may apply.
  • Items in good condition can be donated.